The Why of Selfie Therapy

1. It can be profoundly helpful!

The way you personalize MotiSpark is based on evidence-based behavioral approaches but made fun & easier! The act of saying what your plans are or why you want to do something is helpful...and then seeing yourself back later - that's sparkling-motivation!

2. It makes Sparks FUN & entertaining

Your photos, videos and preferences are blended together in dynamic, fun ways that are always different. Our brains love to check always-new stuff, like social media, but with MotiSpark that drive is used to help you rather than distract you.

3. 100% Private. For your eyes only 🔒

Everything you upload or answers you give are for your eyes only. MotiSpark does not share or sell any of it with anyone! In fact, this is a good time to remind you that if you have any medical questions, please contact your caregiver(s) directly. They will not see anything from this site.