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Your Sparks will be richer with your goals! Below you’ll find more info about small actions you can take to feel healthy.

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Benefits of just being outside: improved memory, fight depression, lower blood pressure!

 From Business Insider: 12 science-backed reasons to spend more time outdoors

Cleveland Clinic: 11 Simple Health Habits Worth Adopting Into Your LifeDiet, nutrition and fitness ideas for busy people.

One of these includes spending time practicing balancing on 1 leg at a time. Something you can do anywhere!

Goal Setting is a huge area of study…with lots of things to look up. What we want to empower you with is the benefit of what is called S.M.A.R.T Goals.

S.M.A.R.T Goals = more likely to succeed!

Make them as clear, realistic and attainable as possible.

  • SPECIFIC: Make your goal clear rather than general. This will help you focus on the small steps needed to achieve the end goal.
  • MEASURABLE: Set measurements for your goals. Decide on certain actions and how much you want to achieve your goal on each day or week.
  • ACHIEVABLE: Always make your goals easy and attainable. If you make them too ambitious then you are more likely to fail and not stick with it – remember small achievable goals for success.
  • REALISTIC: Make sure you are able to carry out the steps needed to reach your goal. If you set an intention to train for a marathon when you work 12 hours a day, it will make it hard to keep up. Make sure your goal matches up with both your time commitments and also your ability.
  • TIMELY: Set good timeframes instead of general intentions. Putting a date on your goals give them accountability and focus.

Momentum: If you feel success by achieving your easy goals, it sets off a belief and expectation that you can do it again. YES!!! So, instead of measuring your failures (and we all fail a lot!) set yourself up for feeling success!