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    Please use this for to upload video messages to your patients. Please record in LANDSCAPE mode. You can upload from your library or record them with this form.

    4 videos:
    1. "Hi it's (your name) your new remote caregiver. I’m so happy to be part of your care team and look forward to our upcoming conversations. Please know that my #1 job is to listen to you, without judgement and to offer my best help and support. I became a nurse because...."
    2. My favorite hobby is...or the way i like to unwind after stressful day is...
    3. My favorite healthy snack is....what's yours?

    4. You are awesome! you're a survivor. You can do this!


  • Selfie Time: RECORD & UPLOAD your videos! You can also use this button to upload from your image library. You can also text them to: ariel@MOTISPARK.COM or 323-309-0337