Your visualization begun

Yeah! Your MotiSpark journey has begun!
Here's what's coming:

Week 1: relaxation, willpower & mood
Week 2: sleep & MENTAL HEALTH boosts
Week 3: tricks to help EAT for great health
Week 4: subconscious EXERCISE motivation

Please send us any feedback you have on MotiSpark so far!

Geek-out on the topic of visualization, manifestation, sport psychology with the videos below.

Here's a highlight form an article with tons of advise on how to visualize 😉

Say It Out Loud

Whether you're focusing on long-term goals, or simply want to successfully get through a busy day, it can help to say aloud how you'd like it all to go down. "This may seem weird, but it will help you prepare for your day and gather your thoughts," says fitness expert and coach Joe Pepe. "This works because you not only see yourself completing your task, but you are also saying it out loud as well, thus triggering another part of your brain."

Remember, to achieve your dreams, you'll have to take actual steps towards them in the form of classes, practices, lifestyle changes, etc. But if you visualize success along the way, it can definitely help you get there.

Can you say what you want to happen out loud? It feels super funny, but wow, it's powerful. You can't go wrong. You can talk to yourself as much as you like 😉