laugh therpay

If you’re in the mood, here are more links on Laugh Therapy:

(show b-roll of adorable creature or sidekick being funny)
Ohh, i hope you found that clip funny! Because laughter is REALLY really good for you…it increases blood flow 50%, burns calories, releases helpful brain stuff that makes you feel love and less stressed…but, sometimes NOTHING if funny.

Goodnews – our bodies & brains can’t discerns the difference between real and fake laughter! And, you can fake laughter! It’s spawned a whole field of laughter therapists after a doctor in India came up with a set of exercises
(cut to short clips from: TRT 2:00ish . and and and and maybe more

So, how to laugh for no reason?
Do something absurd bark in public or try to sound like yoda…

Pretend you’re a waddling penguin and make laughing sounds…seriously (show clip from america’s got talent.) We will put links you can dig into 🙂
Look at someone else who is laughing and let your mirror neurons kick in.
Now, a montage of giggles we hope you can make fake laughing sounds to.