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Here are some fun/inspiring/motivating people to follow on social media


Locatora Radio is the brainchild of Diosa Femme and Mala Muñoz. Born and raised in L.A., the two radio personalities tackle race, mental health, trauma, gender experience, sexuality, and oppression through a distinctly Latinx perspective.

Miguel Chaves @miguelchavezokc who founded: 
What a brilliant inspirational example of the power of self-determination, belief, hope Y FUERZA!

Aja Brown: @ajalbrown

Aja Brown made history after becoming Compton’s youngest elected mayor at the age of 31. She’s committed to improving the Compton community through policy reform, economic development, and infrastructural growth.

Aura Bogado: @aurabogado

 Aura Bogado is an L.A.-based writer who reports on Native rights, immigration, environmental issues, and various social justice topics. She recently joined the investigative reporting team at Reveal, but you can find her work on The NationTeen VogueGrist, and other outlets.



The @feministastic accounts describes itself as “bite-sized bits of intersectional feminism,” confronting issues of sexism, racism, and classism.

Rhea Butcher: @RheaButcher


Inject some #wokehumor into your feed with Rhea Butcher, a hilarious stand-up comic, actress, writer, producer, and podcast host. She regularly discusses vegetarianism, feminism, and her experience navigating the LGBTQ+ community as a self-described “butch lesbian.”


For loving yourself more: @recipesforselflove

If you need constant reminders of why you’re awesome and all the reasons you should believe in yourself, this account is here for you.