Who can see your MotiSparks & Content

No one except you! Your Motis are created using software that protects your identity and videos.  You are welcome to share them - but we want to make sure you have the choice.

Are we hiring?

Please contact us to talk about job possibilities if you're passionate about the potential to use technology to improve mental health with a flair for including the human element as part of the plan. 

How are my Motis personalized?
Technically, our software blends together different images based on your choices and pics and videos you've uploaded. The idea of uploading your selfie videos is probably the one closest to our hearts because it's a really great way of practicing a bunch of otherwise not-fun interventions. A good use of our phones and self-consciousness!
As more people use MotiSpark and rate their Sparks and watch them in different patterns, the software will get smarter and understanding what combos work best. We filed a patent on this process. And, the hope is that each spark delightfully triggers your mind to recall its PURPOSE, CONSEQUENCE and ACTION PLAN. If advertisers can play with this kind of power, we are determined that we should all own it for our own wellbeing!

Why are we making MotiSpark?
We are on a mission to help people live happier, healthier lives by combining the power of story, neuroscience, AI, psychology and personal connection. We have a little 'about us' page on this site, and welcome you to learn more at our official company website at www.MotiSpark.com. When one of our co-founders found herself studying to become a clinical social worker, after decades in the consumer tech space, she could not believe how many great evidence-based behavioral psychology and economics approaches have shown to benevolently empower behavior change...so she started making prototypes and the next thing you know, she's back in tech. 😉

Is this site free? And, how do we make money?

This site is free for people to use. We are convinced that there is a wonderful business model where employers & governments pay for MotiSpark because we help make people happier, healthier and more productive – thus costing them less than the over $3trillion we spend on healthcare per/year. Our founders come from building companies off advertising revenues which can be problematic when we’re building trust and behavior change! And, we’d also like to be able to bring MotiSpark to people who don’t have money to spend on apps every month. It’s a hard model, but if 2020 has taught us anything – anything is possible!

MotiSpark is designed to blend together a BUNCH of different evidence-based approaches to motivation and behavior change. We are constantly adding new variations o interesting research and hope that our interpretations work for you!