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Whoohooo! May your Sparks LIGHT UP YOUR ENERGY!

Meanwhile, we wish you a spring in your step as you visualize yourself moving around a lot!

And, the sprites of success beg you to have a very specific plan for your new exercise addition. Here are some ideas:

  • 7 minute workout on YouTube
  • A walk around your block
  • Dance to 3 songs tongue-out
  • 10 burpees or if that’s totally crazy for you, 10 toe taps.
  • When you are exercising, visualize a goal…it will give you more energy. See yourself looking your best in a bathingsuit. See yourself high-fiving that super-fit friend that you are as strong as they are.
  • Try to have fun, make funny faces to yourself, bring your humor…because if you’re miserable it’s going to be a lot harder. Fake it until you feel it.
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