Dialysis Resources

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Your doctor’s office:
Dr. Mathers, 555-1212  info@abc.ef

Email your telemedicine nurse: precise@abc.ef


Below is a list of resources we thought you may find helpful.

Online Dialysis Communities 🙂

Online communities can be goldmines of helpful tips, dialysis humor, and, research shows that communicating with your fellow warriors helps. Peer support is powerful.
LINKS HERE (facebook, etc.)

Food Ideas, menus, tips, etc:

snacks: https://pkdcure.org/blog/snacks-for-a-kidney-diet/   https://www.livestrong.com/article/460708-snacks-for-diabetics-renal-failure-patients/


List of Hobbies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hobbies


  • iChoose Kidney – This mobile app and corresponding website – ichoosekidney.emory.edu – serve as a decision support tool for nephrologists, primary care physicians, social workers, nurses, and/or patient educators to use with ESRD patients to help improve informed decision making for kidney failure treatment options. Risk prediction models for mortality on dialysis or kidney transplantation are presented.
  • AHRQ Patient Safety – This patient safety channel on AHRQ YouTube features videos of evidence-based training programs used by U.S. hospitals to improve care quality through effective communications and teamwork.

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