Perfecto! Create your lists to make life easier 🙂

You can achieve anything if you set the steps to get there - and offload worries with LISTS LISTS LISTS

Links to helpful apps & articles: 

We love paper because ✍️ science shows how writing is better than typing/using screens...but apps can be helpful.

Start messy giant lists -write down all your stresses and goals. Then refine into lists....

Plan your time when you're relaxed and then go on auto-pilot to do them later.


Tips & links to worksheets 

📜 Goal-breakdown

  1. Break goals down into items that take less than 1 hour (or schedule no more than 1 hour at a time.) Worksheet here.
  2. If a task feels to hard to start, break it down into smaller steps. Eg., 'practice guitar' can be 'practice beginning of a song' for 10 minutes.  
  3. Be flexible and kind to yourself...and protect time for tasks - turn off your phone.

📜Behavioral-activation List 3 activities you enjoy. Then list 3 responsibilities you need to take care of. Do 1 of each everyday and rate how you feel after...feels freakishly good! Download worksheet here.  

You can achieve anything if you set the steps to get there📍🏆

Everyonce in awhile, go big picture and do a mindmap exercise.