• Ready to put your actor hat on? 🧑🏽‍🎤

    You can do ALL of your Selfie Therapy for the entire series here. You can upload as many takes as you want, and MotiSpark will randomly select ones to include in your Sparks. Do one or all. Anything you want. Click here to learn why doing these videos can be helpful.

  • On opening line...

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  • A blissful deep breath

  • Click below to record this selfie 🤳 


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  • Your "NO" power

  • Record yourself showing your power over self-doubt, saying something like, "NO, I DON'T NEED YOU!" It feels funny, but practicing this even once will make doing it when it counts easier!

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  • Kindess Mantra

  • SELF KINDNESS MANTRA: Record yourself saying something kind to yourself like, ", You're kind and strong!" or "You've overcome so much - I'm really proud of you..."

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  • A BIG YES! Si si si...

  • Wire in your YES - record something like, "YES, YES!!!" This will help your mind open the gates to your goals!

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  • Blissful goodnight

  • Sweetly tell your future self that it's time to get a blissful, healing nights sleep...

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