About Us

MotiSpark is an LA based startup founded by a team of people who are determined to make our love of checking our phones into something that can help us! We have created a few different versions of this platform – this one is specifically designed with the mission of helping Latinx youth get access to the latest behavioral science and persuasive design tactics. Our hope is that these tools empower people to feel happier, healthier and more in control. We founders have all needed a lot of these tools are feel very honored to be able to share them with you.

There are many wonderful people and organizations working on addressing mental health access for Latinx youth. We invite you to look at few leaders/programs. These been super helpful and inspiring:

Vamos.MotiSpark’s development began with the honor of winning The Grand Prize in The HIMSS, CHLA Innovation Studio Developer’s Challenge to help improve health equality for Latinx youth. THANK YOU 🙏

Briza Covarrubias, spokesperson is a brilliant actress and mental health advocate based out of Los Angeles. She has an amazing ability to process the intention of scripts – perhaps an upside from experiencing a lot of challenging feelings. After listening to her video above, click below to follow her on Instagram.

Ariel McNichol, CEO & co-founder aka writer, producer, after effects editor and fan of translating science into fun software. Ariel’s got a bio full of life-hack triumphs over anxiety, eating disorders, early trauma, etc. She now parents 2 Latinx kids who surprise her with their brilliance and whom she tries to fiercely protect from screen addiction.

Kyle Brinkman, CTO & co-founder is not the baby above because although Kyle co-founded MySpace, he’s never been the one posting tons of pics. Instead, he designs platforms for lasting engagement and is now finding a million ways of doing it to empower users.

Amanda Wang Valentine

Former banker and product market-fit specialist with expertise in healthcare sales and product integration.

Sean Young, PhD.
Executive Director at Institute for Prediction Technology (UCIPT); UCLA School of Medicine. Author of best-selling book on behavior change.

Melva Benoit, content strategist, consumer insights leader. Formerly at Fox, Viacom.[/vc_column_text]

Vivienne Ming, PhD.
Theoretical neuroscience pioneer who invented AI systems predict manic episodes in bipolar suffers weeks in advance.

Additional Support from:

Marlyne Tejada, LA based actress & critic. Check out her YouTube channel.

Samuel Temblador, seasoned bilingual communicator, cultural competency expert and has assisted in outreach projects developed for the benefit of undeserved communities.

Aslin Osmara Paxtor, UCLA Class of 2017. B.A. Sociology, Theater and Anthropology Double Minors

And, Justin Valentine, Camille Hardman, Winnie, Julia and Ariel’s brilliant brother Jason tambien.

We are also grateful to the following people and organizations for their outstanding research which was invaluable to us:

Patricia Foxen, PhD, NCLR’s Deputy Director of Research Resilient Latino Youth: In Their Own Words & Mental Health Services for Latino Youth: Bridging Culture and Evidence.
Dr. Denise Chavira and her work at the UCLA Calma Lab

We’d like to dedicate this site to the memory of Sergio Anguiano. Sergio was the ultimate hero. He was born in Mexico to a family that struggled to accept his sexuality. His family immigrated to SoCal when he was a toddler. He managed to thrive in LAUSD & earned his way to U.C.Berkeley where he graduated with top honors right before dying from AIDS. Sergio initially told Ariel it was cancer. That was 1993. Social norms can be murderous thieves and need to be seen with clear eyes. Sergio saved Ariel’s sanity throughout our high school & early college years before he died – way, way too young. At first, Ariel fue even more loca unable to process the loss. But, with time, Sergio’s voice came back to her to help – he pushes, he laughs, he offers solace. They worry & joke about cultural authenticity, the definition of Latinx, SDoH, sanity, hope and design.Sergio loved Stanislavski’s quest that people should “love the art in yourself, not yourself in the arts.” We hope the ‘art’ of this series helps you see the art in you – an art that is healing, collective, wise and created by us, a combination of so many stories.