Thank you for witnessing this wonderful rite of passage as our son was called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah. April 10, 2021

What did living through a pandemic taught you?

For me, as a 13 year old that looks to the future, the most critical lessons I would like to share are how important it is to:

believe in science and honor thoughtful planning

choose leaders not because you'd 'like to have a beer' with them, but because you trust that they're kind, honest and smart.

recognize that borders have problems - because we're all connected and must care for each other

emerging from a cocoon of youth & isolation

As Teo’s parents, we are so proud to honor the challenging time that Teo and his peers face as they have had to stay home for the past year. Teo has grown so much – 6 inches in height and bounds of mental leaps.  We never imagined that when we postponed a year ago, that this kid would have to prove his resilience in this way, and we are so proud of him.  We are so thankful that our world is healing. And, that he will forever be appreciative of non-pandemic life 🙂